Training & Advisory

Edge Property – Training & Advisory was established with one thing in mind, to help real estate agency’s and their team with a practical, friendly and simple approach. With over 20 years of active experience as an agent, property manager and advisor this membership was established by Nick Brown, founder of Edge Property.  Alongside his real estate agency Nick has worked as a trainer and advisor for the past 10 years helping agents build processes, procedures, knowledge, positive culture and an understanding of legislation that impacts our industry. Nick knows what it’s like to be faced with some of the curlier questions an agent has to answer on a day to day basis.

 There are a lot of trainers, advisors and coaches out there with amazing knowledge of the industry – my point of difference is that I am still a practicing real estate agent who knows what its like to be on the front line of an agency every day, dealing with clients and customers and helping them achieve results daily” – Nick Brown

With Edge Property Advisory Membership you will have access to professional and friendly advice when you need it. With advisory membership, you will not only receive best practice advice but regular newsletters and updates and complimentary* online training

* Complimentary training consists of two free online training sessions for every 12 continued months of advisory membership per agency

Available Training & Advisory services

  • Advisory membership

  • Rooming Accommodation advice and support

  • In-house training (in person, phone, skype or external venue)

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • QCAT understanding and preparation

  • Legislation training and guidance

  • Secret shopping service

  • Trust account best practice

  • Due diligence assessments for new or existing businesses

Contact Nick for more information on or 0406 399 616 today